MNGOP Victory Offices Are Looking for Volunteers

Volunteers are needed!!!!!

The Republican Party of Minnesota is furnishing a statewide network of nearly 20 Victory Offices that will be centers of activity in support of our endorsed MNGOP candidates this year.

These offices will host a full-time staffer coordinating telephone and door-to-door outreach for our endorsed candidates, serve as warehouses for campaign materials up and down the ticket, and serve as an important meeting place and nerve center for BPOU activities. MNGOP Victory Offices will serve as vital staging locations for an aggressive Voter ID, advocacy, and GOTV effort for our endorsed candidates, both in the primary and general elections.

If you reside in Minnesota Senate District 52 encompassing the cities of Eagan, West St. Paul, Inver Grove Heights, Sunfish Lake, Mendota Heights; the nearest Victory Office is located in Eagan at 3090 Courthouse Lane. (intersection of Highway 55 and Lone Oak Road)

For more details contact your local BPOU chair or Jesse at     or call 612-352-7738

For statewide Victory Office information see the MN GOP website:

History is Us

Barack Obama

I am always struck when president Obama talks about being on a “side” of history, as though history is a force that drives unstoppably in a particular direction.

He is wrong about this. Solzhenitsyn said it very well:

“If we wait for history to present us with freedom and other precious gifts, we risk waiting in vain. History is us – and there is no alternative but to shoulder the burden of what we so passionately desire, and bear it out of the depths.”

– Alexander Solzhenitsyn

History is not a force or an ally. It is already past. We are history. If we do not do it, it does not happen. If we let someone else do it, it will be theirs, not ours.

Dick Cheney made a similar, and profoundly obvious comment on this to TheHill recently:

“The terrorists who threaten this country and our friends are on the wrong side of civilization,” he said during prepared remarks at the American Enterprise Institute. “They will be on the wrong side of history only if we put them there. We must deal with threats before they become grave dangers and dangers before they become catastrophes.”

Leadership prepares. Leadership thinks long term. Leadership admits mistakes and takes responsibility. The group called ISIS is a threat, but not the biggest one on the world stage. Russian adventurism, Iranian and Korean nuclear ambitions and the rise of an aggressive China are clearly more important long-term threats, but the president seems to act primarily in response to what has been shown on recent newscasts.

It is up to us, the electorate, to supervise our government. There is no one else. The US military is us, not “them”. It is our president. We elected him, and it is up to us to hold his feet to the fire. Public opinion drives our politicians to act. Will our “opinions” drive longer term policies, or will we be swayed by the latest, most brutal and outrageous news coverage and then go back to sleep?

As a still dominant world power, we have a responsibility to use our power wisely. I pray that as a people we will take that responsibility seriously.

Ex Post Facto

Killing the Golden Goose

The Rule of Law is about drawing a bright line between legal and illegal activity. It is about ensuring that citizens can be secure in their persons and possessions, safe from the ambition or corruption of government officials. It is about putting firm limits on the power of The State. “A government of laws, and not of men

The US Constitution explicitly prohibits ex post facto laws. An ex post facto law makes something illegal that was legal at the time it occurred. It is changing the rules after the game has ended.

This is why the talk in Washington of “retroactive” tax law changes to prevent “inversions” are offensive to our legal principles.

Most retroactive tax laws to date have been refunds, and therefore popular. Who would object, even if inappropriate?

This proposed law is different.

It is easy, and tempting to dream up ways to penalize companies fleeing the country to save on taxes, but it is best to remember why those businesses are here in the first place. It is important to see what has happened in other countries when the governments tried to stop “capital flight“.

Businesses exist to make profits. No business will stay in business without profit. “Our economy” is composed of the businesses within it. If profits are confiscated, businesses will be shuttered and new businesses will not be started. If capital cannot leave the US, no rational person will bring capital into the US. Try to control capital, and say goodbye to investment.

Prohibiting ex post facto lawmaking means that the government cannot reach back in time to punish behavior that was legal at the time. It gives citizens confidence that they are safe in their “persons and posessions”. This is a core, essential part of the Rule of Law.

Talk of retroactive tax penalties is ex post facto lawmaking. It is killing the golden goose. Will we stand and applaud punishing those companies who try to protect their profits, or will we condemn these measures for what they are – self-defeating, short sighted, and corrosive of the Rule of Law.

IGH Days Parade

IMG_0729IMG_0732IMG_0739 IMG_0752 IMG_0753IMG_0773 IMG_0774IMG_0775 IMG_0828 IMG_0817 IMG_0816 IMG_0807 IMG_0796 IMG_0787 IMG_0784 IMG_0781

Don Lee and his supporters teamed up with opponent Joe Atkins to collect food donations at the Inver Grove Heights Days parade. Community spirit was reflected in the friendly crowd, enthusiastic marchers and generous donors.

Thank You Kim and Paul

IMG_0726Paul and Kim Anderson of Eagan hosted a “Meet and Greet” for neighbors to talk with Don about the issues. It was a fine exercise of free speech and civility. Opinions varied, but everyone agreed that the issues matter and that citizen involvement is important.

Would you like to host a Meet and Greet in your neighborhood? We’ll provide the snacks, you provide the location. Click on the “Contact” link at the top of the page and drop us a line if you would like more information.

Free Stuff!

Gov Dayton

Those who believe that stuff paid for by taxpayers is “free” seldom say so. Mark Dayton is not only saying so, but touting it as something to brag about. If all-day kindergarten at taxpayer expense is good, why not taxpayer funded daycare? How about taxpayer funded full-ride college? How about “free” tutoring for those who are not doing well in school? How about “free” tutoring for those who want to excel?

In his latest newsletter, he touts “free” all day kindergarten:

Watch This: Free All-Day Kindergarten Starts in Minnesota

Governor Greets Students [Video]

WCCO | September 2, 2014

For the first time in Minnesota, free all-day kindergarten is available to students across the state. Gov. Mark Dayton welcomed students at Garden City Elementary in Brooklyn Center Tuesday morning on their first day of school. It’s estimated that 54,000 kindergartners in Minnesota are enrolled in all-day kindergarten

We know better. Nothing is “free”. It is as dishonest to ignore the costs as it is disrespectful to dismiss those taxpayers who pay the bills.

It’s time to elect a governor who respects taxpayers, and doesn’t claim to give out “free stuff”.

Volunteers Needed for IGH Days Parade

IGH Days in Inver Grove Heights Parade is Saturday September 6 and our candidates need you!

-– Parade line up starts at 10AM by Simley High School

— Parade starts at 11 am. 

House District 52B State House candidate Don Lee is looking for a few volunteers to help push carts for the IGH Parade Food Drive. Contact Don Lee at- – or 651-234-0052.

Congressional District (CD) 2 John Kline’s Campaign is looking for volunteers to help out in parade activities -If you are able to join them please call or email:  (952)890-9430 or